We love our local Whitewater schools and the awesome staff in our district!

Starting Friday November 8th, pickup is available at Washington, Lincoln, Lakeview, Middle School, and High School!

What can you order?  Pickup options will vary but will always include granola, various bread options, and sometimes other baked goods (tarts, tortes, scones, etc.).  Take a peek at our website to see some of our options.

How do you make an order?  Sign up for our email list!!  You can sign up by clicking the button below or on the sign up sheet posted in your teacher's lounge area!  We will send out an email at the beginning of every other week with the options for that week.  If you ever decide you don't want to get our emails we can take you off our list right away.

When do I get my order?  Orders are dropped off every other Friday to your teacher's lounge!  We will drop off your order around lunchtime.  Included with the order will be a payment box that you can use to pay with cash or check, or you can choose to pay online via PayPal.

Thanks for everything you do!!  We appreciate you.  Feel free to shoot us an email at woodstreetbakery@gmail.com if you have any questions.