Q: Are your granolas gluten-free?

A: While we do not intentionally add ingredients to our granola recipes
which are known to contain gluten, we have not sourced certified gluten-free
ingredients either. The granola is prepared in our home bakery, which is/will
be used to bake wheat-based products. However, the oven and baking/storage
containers we use to bake the granola are used exclusively for granola.

Q: Do you have other flavors of granola planned?

A: We’re at an early stage of product development, and are open to suggestions.
Granola is VERY flexible in this sense. If you have a favorite combination of ingredients,
we would be more than happy to bake a custom batch (4 lbs minimum) for you.

Q:  How can I stop my husband from eating my granola so fast?

A:  It’s becoming a common complaint from women, who, while savoring their precious
granola by adding reasonable portions to their yogurt, are noticing their husbands
dumping half the pouch into their cereal bowl.

We offer three options:

  1. Fight for your granola. You bought it, and he needs to practice some self-control.
    However, if you want to avoid conflict in your marriage, try option 2…
  2. Hide your granola. Put a secret stash somewhere he won’t think of looking.
    Of course, you’ll need to wait till he’s gone to eat it, or sit in your closet enjoying your breakfast…
  3. Tell him to buy a bulk order; it’s less expensive. Then tell him it has to last at least one month,
    and he needs to stop mooching from you!

Q: May we just swing by your home and pick up our items there?

A: Unfortunately, we are not permitted to sell our goods directly from our home.
We may produce them there (we have an occupational permit), but to respect our
neighbors in this residential area, and abide by our city ordinances, we must use
other market avenues to distribute product.

Q: Do you have a retail store front planned?

A: We want to wait until the business “proves itself” before making such an investment.
Please see our “SHIPPING” menu to get an overview of currently options. We also attend
city/farmers markets in Whitewater and Fort Atkinson.